What Is Child Shield, U.S.A. All About?

There are a lot of precautions and proven strategies that parents, grandparents and legal guardians can utilize to help increase the personal security, safety and emergency preparedness of their children and their entire family but, they MUST be proactive in being ready for the potential of criminal situations, critical emergencies and incidents occur BEFORE they happen!


Child Shield, U.S.A. is more than simply your partner in child safety, we are your back-up system as well. And, our patent-pending features are not available from any other source, at any price. We invite you to think about Child Shield, U.S.A. a very valuable growing resource that provides you and your community with the latest information, tips and proven strategies to make it easier for you to effectively protect your children, your entire family and even your local community.

It has been said that. . . “It takes an entire community to keep the entire community safe.” This is so true! When people work
together on a common goal or mission they get results!

Nationwide community crime prevention initiatives like “Neighborhood Watch” and “National Night Out” are excellent examples
of communities being proactive to help increase personal security,safety and emergency preparedness right in local neighborhoods.

However, much of the information available is inconsistent and
poorly circulated across the country and Child Shield, U.S.A.has spent many years compiling data and statistics to provide families with the latest real facts and real figures they can use to help develop their own personal security, safety and family emergency preparedness plan.

The fact is, today’s parents, grandparents and legal guardians are just too busy and they simply do not have the time or resourcesto engage in such necessary research.

So, our team developed a brand new “members only” exclusive central source website along with our long standing physically
mailed monthly newsletter publication called, “The SHIELD,” to continuosly provide updated tips, strategies and insight to each
of our registered membership clients with the major benefit being the fact that they have the latest information available that gives them a huge advantage in missing child prevention, personal safety and family preparedness BEFORE distasters strikes!

Added Benefits:

  • Community Coordination Plan Assistance
  • Legislative Contacts
  • Staff Available For Public Speaking Engagements To Help Reduce Crime Against Children
  • Parental Tools (Internet Security, GPS Devices, etc.)
  • Crime Prevention Resource Library
  • Law Enforcement Contact List – Information & Referral System


Ignorance will not protect your child . . . “education will”!

David Slockbower – Child Shield, U.S.A., Founder


The comprehensive Child Shield, U.S.A. system includes all of the following items:

  • “Guide to Safer Children” This very informative booklet includesThe Child Identification Guide: “What To Do . . . When To Do It!”
  • Video Registration Service
  • How to Record Video Of Your Child
  • The Safety 7 Seven Rules
  • What To Do If Your Child Is Missing
  • Child Safety Tips
  • Important Child Safety Websites
  • The Video Update and Recycling Policy
  • Secret Identification Code Labels (with Wallet/Purse Packet)
  • The Safety 7 Seven Poster- in an 11″ X 14″ Frame with Rear Storage Pocket


As part of Child Shield, U.S.A.‘s continued commitment to help parents, grandparents and legal guardians significantly increase the personal security, safety and emergency preparedness of their children and their families even more, we are very excited to introduce our brand new “My Virtual Bodyguard!” one time special upgrade option that works in direct conjunction with our basic missing child prevention membership program detailed above. For more details, please “double click” the light blue link below:

Brand New “My Virtual Bodyguard!” Package Special Upgrade Option