The following is a brief sampling of just a few of the many reference letters, testimonials and news articles regarding Child Shield, U.S.A. that are on file at our national headquarters offices.

You will notice that we have removed the addresses and phone numbers of the authors and/ or Representative on the enclosed letters, testimonials and articles. We do this to protect their privacy. These people are not paid to answer what would amount to hundreds or even thousands of calls that would result from the inclusion of addresses or phone numbers. Please respect their right to privacy.


Dear Mr. Hinz:

I congratulate you on becoming a Registered Agent for Child Shield, U.S.A.

I applaud the efforts of Child Shield, U.S.A. to promote and improve child safety in America. Child Shield agents, who are working in Illinois and throughout the nation, provide an important service by registering children to increase their chances of being returned to their families.

I wish you all the best as you take on this meaningful and challenging responsibility. Please feel free to call on me at any time should you feel I can be of any service to you and your organization.

Carol Moseley Braun

Former United States Senator and Presidential Candidate

Dear Mr Slockbower:

We would like to commend you for your work in the field of prevention of child abduction. We wish you success in your endeavor and hope that in the not too distant future, the efforts of all concerned people will have the effect of significantly reducing the incidence of missing and exploited episodes in this country and internationally.

Tom Watts

Executive Director, Children's Rights of PA, inc.

Dear Ms. Slockbower:

Thank you for the CHILD SHIELD, USA informational packet. The issue of missing children has unfortunately increased in recent years at an alarming rate. I certainly commend you and your efforts in providing a valuable tool to assist in the tedious and sometimes frustrating process of recovering missing children.

In missing children cases, the Illinois State Police may become involved in one of two ways: as the primary investigating agency or as a supporting agency to a local jurisdiction. In those instances where we are serving in an assisting capacity, the type of information you describe is provided to us y local agencies. When we are in charge of the investigation we obtain the information from parents and/or friends.

I applaud you in advance for each child your firm helps to recover.

Terrance W. Gainer

Former Director, Illinois State Police

To whom it May Concern:

I am pleased to endorse Registered Agent for CHILD SHIELD, U.S.A. organization. CHILD SHIELD, U.S.A., is a national organization of child protection services and preventive education with an unique videotape and photo registration service for identifying missing children. CHILD SHIELD is unique in that it uses action videos versus still photographs to aid in identifying kidnapped or runaway children.

Unfortunately, child safety has become a growing concern for every community. As concern escalates in these unsafe times, so does the need to protect and educate ourselves and our children. CHILD SHIELD is a step in the right direction.

Frank M. Jordan

Former Mayor, City of San Francisco, CA

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