Statistics help us to understand situations, conditions, and activities.  But, without proper interpretation, statistics can often be misleading. The following statistics relate to missing children in the United States: A. Over 2100 children are reported missing to the FBI every day(over 800,000 each year) B. 450,000 children run away each year C. 300,000 children are abducted by family members each year D. 58,000 children are abducted by non-family members each year E. For each crime a child predator is convicted of, he/she is responsible for an average of 8 others F.  Over 90% of convicted molesters will re-offend G. Only 3% of repeat offenders will be caught a second time H. There are over 700,000 registered child molesters, and over 3,500,000 more are unregistered These statistics are scary . . . and nearly unbelievable!  The truth is that mere statistics about missing children are disturbing even without considering the huge number of cases that are never reported. The children in our society have become more vulnerable for the following reasons: 1. Our current body of law is insufficient to place permanent barriers between molesters and our children. 2.  Pedophilia has existed since the dawn of civilization, and medical science has discovered no cause . . . and no cure for it.  Child molesters continue to pursue their urges. 3. Communities, and parents, do not do enough to teach prevention skills to our youngsters, and each other. 4. The Internet  [chat rooms, social media, e-mail, etc.] offers expanded opportunities for predators to obtain access to our children – who often are not aware it is happening! 5.  Child molesters are mainstreamed into our neighborhoods with only a fraction of them being registered with the authorities. 6. The national media constantly covers abduction cases – affecting all classes of families.  But, these are typically the high-profile cases.  Most are never publicized. Child Shield, U.S.A. monitors statistics relating to missing children.We report what we discover and update the data regularly.  But, we are more concerned about the future safety of your children! We concentrate our efforts on bringing you information you can use to make prudent decisions about your family. Statistics are revealing, but what happened yesterday is past.In truth, the safety of our children is increasingly threatened in our fast-paced society.  That is why Child Shield, U.S.A. proactively works to achieve PREVENTION!