What Law Enforcement Says

“Not until Child Shield, U.S.A has there been a program of prevention, education, and recovery of this quality and capability… a true safety net for parents and a very real investment in their peace of mind.  In fact, I believe so strongly in the value of this program and its potential to increase the safety of our children that I personally recommend it to every parent in America”

Frank K., highly decorated thirty-year Police veteran and founder of a regional CRIME   STOPPERS program. Frank was also honored with his State’s “Crime Prevention Officer of the Year” award in 1989.

“I found the entire Child Shield, U.S.A package most beneficial to secure the safety of our most precious possessions, our children.”

Isabelle V., Police Missing Children Unit Coordinator.

“In my years as a police officer, I have investigated many cases of missing and runaway children. The problem I came across most often was receiving outdated photographs of the missing child from the parent. One cannot identify a child’s characteristics from a photograph.  I feel the Child Shield, U.S.A service is very valuable to parents in the prevention and recovery of missing children.  I also believe that the service will aid law enforcement agencies in obtaining more accurate information to assist in their investigations.”

Duane D., Police Officer, Juvenile Justice Division, Ret., CA.

“In looking over the materials presented in the Child Shield, U.S.A package, I find it to be factual and helpful. This unique approach to the missing children problem certainly may help with identification and return of the (missing) child.”

David H., Police Captain, OH.

“The issue of missing children has unfortunately increased in recent years at an alarming rate.  I certainly commend you and your efforts in providing a valuable tool to assist in the tedious and sometimes frustrating process of recovering missing children.  I applaud you in advance for each child your firm helps to recover.”

Terrance G., State Police Director

“I am writing to let you know how pleased and impressed I am with the unique service offered by Child Shield, U.S.A   In today’s world, this service is a necessity for any parent.  I am convinced that your Video Registration service is an invaluable tool in aiding in the recovery of a missing child.  I have never seen anything that compares to it.  The odds of locating a missing child increase tremendously when the child is registered with Child Shield, U.S.A

Richard B., Police Officer, TX.

These are actual quotes from some of the many letters written to Child Shield, U.S.A by real law-enforcement professionals. Their last names and addresses have been omitted to prevent their professional and private lives from being disrupted by telephone inquiries about our program.  All of the original letters are on file at the offices of Child Shield, U.S.A.