Parental Responsibility

Most parents we speak with are very passionate about protecting their children from the outside world.  At the same time, it is evident that few of them have been educated regarding effective strategies to do so.

For example: In a recent survey of over 75 sets of parents at the Kids Expo in Phoenix, none knew the best action for a child to take if taken by the arm by a stranger in an attempt to put the child into a vehicle.  NONE!   [Contemporary logic says the child should drop to the ground, becoming dead weight, and yell loudly . . .”You are not my daddy/mommy”.]   Predators do not want attention drawn to them, and this message is easily understood by passers-by.  In addition, if the child were to run away, he/she could become lost . . . and vulnerable again.

Members of Law Enforcement have also told us that many parents don’t seem to care about their children.  In fact, in 40% of child abduction cases, the parents cannot even produce a recent photo to aid in locating the missing child.  These parents typically believe it is the responsibility of “teachers” to educate the children, and that the “police” are in charge of their safety and protection.

The reality is that teachers and the police cannot do their jobs unless parents take an active role.  Child Shield, U.S.A. works to assist parents and law enforcement by providing vital information about the threats facing our children.

The bottom line is that parents bear the ultimate responsibility for the development of their children.  They have the obligation of assisting law enforcement whenever their child goes missing.  To this end, Child Shield, U.S.A. is the ideal tool to maximize the chances of locating a missing child.