Frequently Asked Questions.

By sharing the Child Shield, U.S.A. educational materials with your children, you can dramatically reduce their risks of ever becoming lost or missing. Even though we hope and trust that you will never need to call us to help find your child, it always pays to be prepared! Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about our proven Child Shield, U.S.A. program.

Why would a parent, grandparent or legal guardian be interested in the Child Shield, U.S.A program to help protect their children from infants all the way through college age students?

Simple! According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (Based in Alexandria, VA) out of every
1,000,000 children in the United States, 10,000 will be reported missing this year. Since 1990 Child Shield, U.S.A. has shipped out over 2,000,000 of our special identification coded child safety kits across America and has had only 3 children covered by the program reported missing. The great news is all 3 of those missing children were recovered safely!

Which group of children would you want your child in? We have the only missing child prevention program in America proven to work!

How long is the Child Shield, U.S.A. service good for?

After your initial ONE-TIME Enrollment Fee of just $399.00 per family, clients pay an ongoing monthly service fee of only $19.95 to keep your service and Emergency Response Benefits coverage in effect. This month to month service fee covers all children in your direct physical household from infants to 18 years old and even up to 24 years of age if your child is attending school. You are free to cancel your monthly service at any time as there are no contracts.

The video and picture of your child that you provide to our company is securely stored for 2 full years. Because we realize that children often grow very quickly as they get older, their appearance and mannerisms can change quite a bit in a short period of time. As a result, all of our membership clients automatically receive a new kit every 24 months to completely update the picture and video of their child and there is absolutely no additional cost for this updating services.

Will I feel comfortable having Child Shield, U.S.A. safeguard my child's video?

Absolutely! Child Shield, U.S.A. does not receive or store data or information on any covered child. Each child’s video is identified by a secret code number known only to the parents. Child Shield, U.S.A. has no way of knowing the identity of any registered child unless the parent reports the child missing via law enforcement authorities.

Even if it were possible for someone to locate and gain access to our secure storage facilities, it would in no way jeopardize the welfare of any of the children on the videos that are stored there. With only the secret code number to go on, one would have to search every home in America to find any of Child Shield, U.S.A.‘s registered children. Even so, we still have in place appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access and to safeguard the videos from other hazards, such as fire and flooding.

Quite frankly, you put your child in far more risk and jeopardy every time you have a roll of film developed. Not only does everyone that works for the store and/or film lab have direct access to your children’s picture, they also have your full name, address, and telephone number too!

In addition, to our knowledge, no states across America have any laws against videotaping people in public. Why would anyone risk breaking in to steal an anonymous video when they could just go to a local park, shopping mall or other public location and just make their own video, legally?)

Who produces the required video clip of my child?

The service is designed for parents, grandparents and legal guardians to actually produce the short video clip of their children. One of the key elements that makes clients so comfortable with the Child Shield, U.S.A. program is the “peace of mind” that comes with knowing that no “stranger” will be videoing their child.

The exclusive Child Shield, U.S.A registration service comes with complete instructions that will teach you exactly how to properly and quickly produce your child’s identification short video clip in the privacy of your own home using any video camera recording device including many of the smartphone cellular telephones that are on the market today.

Concerned that you do not have a video recording device? Don’t let that be a problem! Everybody has at least one friend or relative who would gladly lend his or her video camera recording device for something this important).

How many children can I put on one video clip?

Only one child per video, please! Each video is given its very own special identification number which directly corresponds to the child whose image is on that particular video. This eliminates any risk that a wrong child’s video could ever be transferred and distributed.

Does Child Shield, U.S.A. actually store and protect my child's video at no additional cost?

Yes, the Child Shield, U.S.A. program includes protected storage of each child’s video to insure an immediate emergency response whenever a covered child becomes reported lost or missing to law enforcement authorities. To further insure security, the exact storage location of the video is known only to the Child Shield, U.S.A. Executive Officers.

Is there any other program like Child Shield, U.S.A.?
No. Child Shield, U.S.A. is the only service of its kind.
Aren't you marketing, based on fear?

Absolutely not! Any program that uses only items like fingerprint cards, DNA samples, I.D. cards or even the nationwide Amber Alert system etc., are based on fear. The only time those types of items are used is when your child is ALREADY missing! We have built our 25-year old reputation on preventing children from becoming missing in the first place! We have the only proven missing child prevention program in America.

What about the nationwide "Amber Alert" system and other programs?

It’s true. There definitely are some other child safety programs around. While most do give some benefit, none offer the powerful array of benefits that the exclusive Child Shield, U.S.A. service does. Foremost, we have the ONLY missing child prevention program in the country with over 25 years of real statistics proving that it actually works. A child registered with Child Shield, U.S.A. is much less likely to become missing than a child who is not covered by our program.

The nationwide “Amber Alert” system is a good program but, it can vary from community to community. What is not often publicized about the “Amber Alert” system is that not all missing child cases qualify for the program. At last check, less than 1% of the lost, missing, or runaway child cases in America actually qualifies to use it.

What about child I.D. services, don't they protect kids too?

We really don’t consider any program, which relies solely on a still photograph, fingerprint or DNA sample to be a viable alternative to our powerful services.

The photographs on I.D. cards are usually only about one square inch, a size way too small to enlarge clearly enough to be an effective tool for law enforcement. Besides, is it really very logical for a parent to pay $8.00-$15.00 or more for someone to type out a card with information that no one would ever forget about their own child? Additionally, these cards often include a thumbprint. This is of no real value unless the child is first recovered to see if the prints match. Sadly, this form of identification often ends up being used to identify a dead body, rather than helping reunite a living child with their parents.

For the record, we have nothing against any of these programs, in fact we applaud them for their efforts. It’s just that in today’s often very dangerous and violent world, parents need a much more comprehensive one-stop source for increasing the personal security, safety and emergency preparedness of their children and providing real assistance if a missing child critical emergency involving their child should occur.

After my child is reported missing via law enforcement authorities, what is the cost for Child Shield, U.S.A. to transmit my child's identification video clip and photo worldwide and if necessary, put up reward money (Leading to the actual arrest and conviction of anyone involved in the disappearance of your child) and hire a trained private investigator to get involved in my child's disappearance case?

As long as your monthly membership is currently valid with your child(ren) actively enrolled in our program, there is no extra cost once so ever! These emergency response benefit services are provided with the program and are covered via your monthly $19.95 service fee.

As standard protocol, we will always first consult with the actual law enforcement agency involved in your child’s disappearance investigation for their input as to where they would like us to specifically have your child’s identification video clip and photo distributed within our current database of over 16,000 law enforcement agencies across the United States and around the world.

How about just buying and deploying a GPS Tracking Device to protect my child?

There are more and more GPS tracking device systems coming into the marketplace these days. However it is extremely important to keep in mind that not all GPS devices and systems are created equal and depending on your specific needs, there might be some potential drawbacks to consider with currently available GPS technology.

1. Expense – Quality GPS Tracking Devices can cost upwards of $200.00 to $300.00 or more and many require yearly service contracts of $360.00 or more.

2. Criminals are smart. If they have any reason to believe a child is wearing a GPS device (or has one in their possession), they might remove the device by any means possible including possibly injuring you child. The criminal could then throw the device in a passing truck or other vehicle and that could certainly further hinder or delay any efforts to locate and recover your child.

3. Real tracking coverage area concerns – If the GPS device is outside of the original coverage area, some devices may not be able to track properly. Tracking may also not be possible inside of newer buildings.

4. Can give parents a false sense of security -which could give a criminal even more get-away time.

5. As soon as the battery goes dead, the GPS device often stops working.

6. Most important, GPS Tacking Devices provide NO prevention against the problem of your child going missing in the first place! If a parent is willing to incur the expense of a GPS tracking system surely they would invest in the Child Shield, U.S.A. program to help prevent their child from becoming missing.

What if I have more questions?
If your question is not answered here, please contact your local authorized Child Shield, U.S.A. Representative or you may call our Child Shield, U.S.A. National Headquarters on 1-800-652-4453