About Us

          Child Shield, U.S.A. is a nationwide family-focused service designed to help increase the personal security, safety and emergency preparedness of children all across America.

Since 1990, our dedicated team has been working with concerned parents, grandparents, legal guardians, schools, churches, daycare centers, law enforcement agencies, and community organizations throughout the United States to advance child safety, security and emergency preparedness issues.

Because so many factors influence child safety, security and family emergency preparedness, we have organized our website to make it easier for you to learn about more about critical safety issues and our services.

Please explore the various links on our website. We have done extensive research to identify proven strategies and powerful resources that you can employ to significantly increase the personal safety, security and emergency preparedness of your children and your entire family.

            Every child matters! And, every parent, grandparent and legal guardian will benefit from the materials we deliver on a regular basis to our membership subscribers. Many of the resources and database links we provide are not easy to find without introduction or time-consuming effort.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions – or, to share news about cases, programs, and successes in your community.

Thank you!