Thank you for stopping by our brand new Child Shield, U.S.A. website. A lot has changed since our company was originally founded by David Slockbower way back in 1990. As a result, we have been really busy behind the scenes to bring our membership clients across America advanced technology and even more information and powerful resources to help increase the personal security, safety and emergency preparedness of their children and their entire family.

Because of major advances in internet technology, websites, mobile phones, social media, online video, apps, etc., the way our clients access and consume our potentially life-saving content has really changed over the past several years and we need to make sure that we, “Change With The Times.”

As many of you may already know, Child Shield, U.S.A. has made several significant changes and major enhancements to our program and during the coming weeks, we are launching several initiatives that will be featured right here on our website blog. We encourage you to check back frequently for the latest news, information and special alerts.

Be Vigilant, Be Prepared, Be Safe!

Alfred McComber
President & CEO
Child Shield, U.S.A.