Child Shield, U.S.A Presents The “My Virtual Bodyguard!”

Program Upgrade Offer For Member Clients Only

 For over 28-years, Child Shield, U.S.A. has been providing important child safety educational materials and vital actionable information to parents, grandparents and legal guardians who have been members of our exclusive child safety benefit services program.

Over the years the need for constantly updated child safety and security information as well as proven strategies to help keep kids from newborns all the way through college age students safe from predators and abductions has greatly increased.  It seems as though our world has become even more violent and dangerous whether it is a missing child incident, a violent physical attack or even a natural or man-made disaster. The fact is, much more must be done to seriously protect our nation’s children as they truly are the leaders of tomorrow! For truly increased child safety and overall family security, member clients really need to develop a well thought out “All Hazards” planned approach to help ensure real family emergency preparedness BEFORE abductions or other immediate threat situations occur.

Child Shield, U.S.A. is pleased to announce that our premium advanced membership program known as, “My Virtual Bodyguard!” is currently available as a special upgrade offer to all of our current member clients. This powerful, thought provoking program is designed to work in conjunction with our standard CSUSA membership service in that this program offers advanced training and top quality resources for our member clients in the areas of increased personal safety, security and overall family emergency preparedness to help you, your children and your entire family become much better prepared to RESPOND not just REACT to a wide array of personal security threats, safety concerns, natural and/or man-made disasters and other critical emergency incidents.

Alfred McComber, the President and CEO of Child Shield, U.S.A. has major experience in the areas of sworn law enforcement, very high-level dignitary protection, rescue squad operations and first responder emergency management. He has personally guarded some of the most famous, high profile and well known dignitaries, high net worth individuals and celebrities from around the globe. Since 2004, Alfred has also been the host of the Code Red! radio show specifically dedicated to security, safety and emergency preparedness issues across America and around the world at: Through his extensive background, training, expertise and private contact database of personal security, safety and disaster preparedness experts and coaches from around the world, Alfred has developed a one of a kind powerful program called, “My Virtual Bodyguard!”

Alfred knows from firsthand experience that when critical emergency incidents occur, it is often private citizens (whether they are adults or even young children) who are really the first ones on the scene and are truly the real “First Responders” until trained law enforcement, Fire & EMS and/or Public Health Agency personnel can arrive on the scene. This means that the true initial “First Response” to critical emergencies will most likely be handled by people who are not professionally trained to handle major challenges whether it’s a missing child, a vehicle accident, a heart attack victim, a fire or even a severe weather incident.

Learning the most basic emergency practices and procedures while also having a real, practiced family emergency response plan can help save lives, prevent further injuries and possibly reduce property damage just by knowing a few important tips, strategies and information until trained personnel can arrive on the scene. Here’s a glimpse of what our members will receive and learn about in our advanced, “My Virtual Bodyguard!” program:


“Disaster Prep 101 – The Ultimate Guide To Emergency Readiness”


Authored by very well-known and highly regarded Emergency Preparedness Expert, Paul Purcell, this amazing manual contains over 500 pages of solid, actionable personal safety, security and disaster preparedness information, tips, strategies, and advanced training for both home and work environments. It also contains 2 DVDs filled with over 1,500 additional resources, guides and selected information to help keep you, your family, your business, organization or agency better prepared for all sorts of natural and  man-made disasters and other critical emergency incidents.

 Paul has been a regular special guest contributor on Alfred McComber’s Code Red! radio show as well as being featured on the Dr. Oz television show and Spike TV’s Surviving Disaster television series. He  is also one of CSUSA’s emergency preparedness experts who will be providing additional live training and emergency preparedness insight through on-going hosted webinars and  other events with CSUSA’s President & CEO Alfred McComber.


“Parents, Predators and Prevention The Complete Guide To Keeping Your Kids Safe And Confident”


Are you tired of watching the news or reading newspaper articles about kids being abducted and brutally injured or even killed? The fact is there are many specific strategies that you can employ right now to increase your children’s safety and security.

 CSUSA is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with personal security expert, James Giammarinaro, who is a long time recently retired Police Sergeant and an accomplished author who has developed a complete guide to learning about abductors, how they actually operate and what parents, grandparents and legal guardians can do to help prevent their children from becoming needless victims.

 James is a Second Degree Black Belt Instructor in Tae Kwon Do and he has been featured on Alfred McComber’s Code Red! radio show as well as A&E’s Cold Case Files. James is a hand-picked personal security and safety expert that will be an important part of CSUSA’s “My Virtual Bodyguard!” program.



The Stopping School Violence Manual


Each and every day parents, grandparents and legal guardians send their kids off to day care centers, elementary, middle school, junior high and high schools and even to colleges, universities and trade schools. Parents often just assume that their kids are safe but in reality, there are many incidents of school violence in places of learning across America and around the world. Parents are not always present when school violence or other critical emergencies occur so how can parents better protect their kids when they are away at school?

From bullying, sexting, cyber-bullying, physical assaults, gang violence, teen domestic violence, teen suicide issues and even active shooter incidents, more must be done to help students and their parents to be much better prepared to deal with often critical incidents while on school property or attending school related events.

 The great news is that CSUSA has you covered with Derek Randel, a very well-known expert when it comes to preventing school violence and being properly prepared to deal with issues when they do happen. Derek is an international bullying expert who has been featured on Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS and even Alfred McComber’s Code Red! radio show.

 Derek currently holds a level 5 rank in Krav Maga and he is a certified Alpha Krav Maga instructor. He also counsels parents and their children on family conflict resolution matters. Derek has authored six books and Clients will learn valuable information through his thought-provoking book, The Stopping School Violence Manual and via additional live training and insight on school violence prevention tactics during on-going hosted webinar sessions with CSUSA’s President & CEO Alfred McComber.


Just Yell Fire DVD


CSUSA is very pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the 501C3 non-profit organization, Just Yell Fire based in Vancouver, WA. Just Yell Fire’s message is that girls and young women have the right to live their lives without the fear of violence! This organization’s mission is to empower girls and young women to protect themselves by teaching them their rights, danger awareness and self defense get-away skills for when they find themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

The Just Yell Fire DVD is 46 minutes and provides top quality information, tips and self defense strategies for ages 8 through 16.

CSUSA actually purchases Just Yell Fire DVDs from the non-profit organization and then includes the DVD in every CSUSA Basic Membership package that is shipped out from the CSUSA headquarters. In addition, CSUSA donates $10.00 from each and every sale of a CSUSA Basic Membership package to Just Yell Fire to support their ongoing hard work and mission to help empower girls and young women all over the world.

When a CSUSA client decides to purchase our “My Virtual Bodyguard!” membership upgrade package, CSUSA donates $20.00 instead of $10.00 to the Just Yell Fire non-profit organization.


Just Yell Fire Campus Life DVD



The Just Yell Fire non-profit organization also created a second DVD called, Just Yell Fire Campus Life. This DVD is just over 51 minutes and it is specifically designed to empower college age girls and young women between the ages of 17 to 24 years old on how to protect themselves in a variety of situations.

This advanced video provides even more information, tips and strategies geared specifically to college age students and their unique situations and circumstances.


Terrorism Awareness


With all of the concerns about the potential for on-going terrorist attacks and other acts of extreme violence across America and around the world, CSUSA is pleased to announce that well-known U.S. Army Special Forces Operator, High Risk Protection Detail Leader and author Robert Deatherage, Jr. is one of CSUSA’s President & CEO Alfred McComber’s hand selected personal security team expert members who will be sharing direct knowledge and insight on exactly what it takes to protect you and your loved ones from potential terrorist attacks and other violent physical confrontations whether you are at home, work, school, houses of worship or even at play.

Robert has been a security consultant and trainer for the U.S. Government, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Defense, international construction companies, commercial nuclear facilities and even Fortune 500 companies.

 Robert has been a featured guest on Alfred McComber’s Code Red! radio show and through his book, Terrorism Awareness along with additional on-going live hosted webinar training events regarding terrorism preparedness and proven response tactics, Robert and Alfred will help you to become much better prepared to help your family survive, respond and recover from terrorism  situations and violent physical attacks.


It is extremely vital to understand that just having these important resources at your disposal sitting on a bookshelf or stuffed in a closet somewhere is not enough! YOU are ultimately responsible for the personal security, safety and emergency preparedness of your children and your entire family! NO ONE Else! Don’t let anyone tell you any different. You see, we don’t want to just ship you some great information and then say, “Okay, here you go. We hope you stay safe!”

Instead, Child Shield, U.S.A. wants to bring these valuable resources and information to life so that you really have the immediate ability to significantly increase your entire family’s personal security, safety and emergency prepared from real experts who actually know what they are talking about.

As a result, in addition to the DVDs, CDs, books and training manuals you get with this special upgrade offer, you will also receive the benefit of participating in regularly scheduled live & pre-recorded video conferences and/or tele-seminars with our personal security, safety and emergency preparedness experts so that you can learn even more about the vital topics we will be covering and have the ability to get your questions answered regarding the best safety, security and disaster preparedness practices to help keep your family safe and secure.

The investment for the one-time upgrade special offer to receive our advanced “My Virtual Bodyguard!” program is normally $529.00. Our brand new CSUSA member clients just getting started with our standard membership service receive a $130.00 discount off the price making their total just $399.00 for the program. The discounted price also includes FREE shipping and handling. The advanced “My Virtual Bodyguard!” program is only available in conjunction with the actual purchase of our standard Child Shield, U.S.A. membership program.

To take advantage of this very special limited time offer, simply check the box, “Yes! Please Add The Platinum Package” on your Child Shield, U.S.A. Membership Application form. If you have any additional questions regarding the “My Virtual Bodyguard!” program, please call our Child Shield, U.S.A. National Headquarters on 1-800-OK-CHILD or (1-800-652-4453).

We only have a limited quantity of “My Virtual Bodyguard!” units on hand so please don’t delay in placing your order before they are all gone and only available on back order.